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Song 1:3 "Your anointing oils have a wonderful fragrance;
your name is like anointing oil poured out."


The anointing oils we carry are special because of the origin of the oils (the Holy Land) and because they are prayed over many times before they reach your hands. It is our prayer that you will experience the sweetness of Yahweh's (God) presence, and His divine healing, cleansing and deliverance as you anoint and pray with this oil.

A small part of our oil comes from these trees on the very mount where Yahshua (Jesus) and his disciples walked and prayed.  The word Gethsemane means “Oil Press”.  When we, like the olives, are “pressed or crushed” we can be used for a greater purpose in The Father’s kingdom. The major part of our anointing oil comes from farms in the Galilee region and the fertile valley outside Jerusalem.  From these regions came the oil that was used to anoint kings such as David and Saul. This oil is called Souri (soo-ree) and in itself is very aromatic.

To follow the Biblical pattern of fragrant anointing oil in the Bible, we then blend the pure, kosher olive oil with an essential oil base such as frankincense, myrrh, cassia and much more.  The essential oils and spices that give these anointing oils such a wonderful heavenly fragrance are imported from other countries in the Middle and Near East. A special formula is used for the Frankincense & Myrrh with which the oils are blended, utilizing some of the same ingredients and apothecary methods as was done in Biblical days.  However this is not the same formula that Yahweh gave to Moses, as the scripture records a strong admonition against reproducing Moses’ formula. It is our prayer that the Holy Spirit will work through everyone who uses this anointing oil and His presence will also be felt through the use of these candles and other products. 


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