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A Door of Hope For the Last Days

Dare to open the Door of Hope, and discover for yourself the reason why you were created to “go the distance” with the Messiah of Israel!

The final chapter of the age has begun, and darkness is moving in. People are desperately seeking answers to the questions of our generation. Will Believers be whisked away on the Rapture Bus any day now? Or will we remain to face persecution and trials in a world given over to the evil one and his final rebellion? Have we finished the work left to us by our Master, or is there something more to do before His return?

by Batya Ruth Wootten Foreword by Angus Wootten | Paper, 288 pages

ISBN 978-1-886987-33-3

A Door of Hope For the Last Days $15.95

This is not a book about timelines or event chronology. It is not about the when of the matter, but rather it is a book about whom and what. Whatever your position might be on the timing of the events of these last days, the fact is we are called to kingdom service until the return of our Lord at the time of the Father’s choosing. So we need to be sure that we are about His business while we wait.

Written in Batya’s unique, easy-to-understand style, A Door of Hope for the Last Days will help prepare your heart for the “unknowns” of the future, while challenging your understanding of traditional hand-me-down eschatology.

This is a book about the coming glorious restoration of the whole House of Israel, and the promised transformation of the Sons of the Living God. Let it strengthen you and refresh your spirit for the journey ahead.

If you are ready to give yourself to your Creator’s plans and purposes in the earth—regardless of the cost or outcome—read this book and hear the Messiah’s call to enter through His Door of Hope…


Part One:

1 Declaring The End From The Beginning
2 The Call of Firstborn Israel
3 The Firstborn, Prophet, Priest, and King
4 Israel in Pictures
5 Prophecy, Perspective, and Parables
6 The Missing Bride…
7 Your Sons Will Marry You
8 Fear Paralyzes—Faith Empowers
9 Abraham’s Faith
10 A Door and the Days of Noah
11 Messiah: The Door and the Judge at the Door
12 A Door and Ten Virgins…
13 Tribulation versus Wrath
14 The Days of Noah and the Lord’s Work
15 Symbolisms, Shofars, and Trumpets
16 Kingdom Secrets
17 Restoration Opportunities
18 Sin is Crouching At the Door
19 The Law, Flesh, and The Spirit
20 Dead Men Walking…
21 Good Manners 101
22 Walking Out the Door
23 Meat is Doing
24 The Works of Our Messiah
25 The Teachings of Messiah
26 The Kingdom of Israel
27 Theories
28 Temples
29 A Horizontal Harpazo?
30 The Coming Second Exodus
31 The Wilderness of the Peoples
32 Cords of Kindness or Outstretched Arm?
33 The Valley of Achor
34 Prophetic Promises
35 The Door of Hope
36 Kingdom Chronicles


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