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Mama's Torah : The Role of Women
by Batya Ruth Wootten

Mama’s Torah offers a clear, concise overview of the Father’s latter-day plan for women. It also has to do with the restoration of all Israel.

Mama's Torah: The Role of Women $8.95

Mama’s Torah offers a clear, concise overview of the Father’s latter-day plan for women. It also has to do with the restoration of all Israel.

Women play a key role in having Torah properly taught in our day, for if Torah is not taught with compassion, it is not true Torah. And without true Torah, we cannot overcome the lawlessness of our day.

This groundbreaking book presents fresh and compelling ideas concerning the restoration of women. It calls us to give place to the voice of women, and thus be empowered to hear the foundational wisdom of "mother’s torah" (Proverbs 1:8; 6:20).

Batya Wootten’s writings have changed and enriched the lives of untold thousands. In this, her latest work, she presents a fresh and compelling perspective on the role of women.

Batya explains "mother’s torah" (Proverbs 1:8; 6: 20)— the true expression of the actual heart of our Father’s Law, or "Loving Instructions." She suggests that the eternal truths of Torah cannot be taught without releasing the vessels of mercy destined to help lay its foundation. She concludes that unless women are encouraged to contribute to our Father’s goal of drawing His people in love, we inhibit the move of the Spirit among us, and we build our houses on shifting sand.

This inspiring book:

  • Defines what it means to be a "help meet."
  • Explains why wives sometimes seem to be "against" their husbands.
  • Delightfully depicts the roles of husband and wife.
  • Lists women who were used by the Father in the Old and New Covenants and defines how they were used.
  • Addresses Scripture verses that have been used to hinder women in their walk.
  • Reveals the Father’s call to women in this hour.

Mama’s Torah is especially written to those who hunger for their Hebraic roots and for the restoration of all Israel. Its fresh look at an ancient problem will a new appreciation for the God-ordained role of women in the times in which we now live.

Table of Contents

  1. The Restoration of All Things - 1
  2. A Divine Radar System - 5
  3. Sails and Anchors - 9
  4. The Ezer K'negdo - 13
  5. Mama’s Torah - 21
  6. The Women of The Old Covenant - 31
  7. The Women of The New Covenant - 35
  8. Women and the World of Paul - 39
  9. Difficult Texts and Teachings - 47
  10. Heads and Coverings - 55
  11. Spiritual Coverings - 67
  12. Leftovers - 71
  13. First Direction—Then Correction - 77
  14. The Truth About Torah... - 83
  15. Time To Give Birth - 91
  16. Nurturing and Restoration - 97

Paper, 144 pages
ISBN 1-886987-20-3


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