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by Angus Wootten

Your destiny in Messiah Yeshua is forever linked to Israel. He preached the gospel of its kingdom. His disciples spoke of the restoration of David’s fallen house – a restoration that includes all who sojourn with Israel.

Restoring Israel's Kingdom $14.95

Only when we understand about “both the houses of Israel” (Isaiah 8:14) can we truly understand our Redeemer’s mission. Only when we know Him can we know who Israel really is; for He is salvation – Yeshua – the epitome of all that it means to be “Israel.” When we see Him as the Lion of Judah, His Israelite Kingdom also comes into vivid focus.

Restoring Israel's Kingdom

by Angus Wootten

Paper, 304 pages
ISBN 1-886987-04-1

This book teaches us how to fulfill the purposes of the God of Israel by working to restore His Kingdom. It shows us we can make a difference by capturing the vision that was so important to Yeshua's disciples--the restoration of the Kingdom to Israel. Reviews the history and current situation in Israel, then points the way to final victory for the united people of Israel.

What was the last question Messiah Yeshua's disciples asked of Him?
As they stood there on the Mount of Olives--knowing their Messiah was about to depart from them--what mattered most to these men?
What was the last question they asked of their Teacher?
Do we--those who today claim to be the followers of Israel's Messiah-- even bother to ask the question that so mattered to His chosen twelve?
With olive groves serving as a backdrop, these fathers of our faith asked the King of Israel, "Lord, is it at this time You are restoring the kingdom to Israel?" (Acts 1:6).
Why did Yeshua's disciples--who had been trained by Him for more than three years--ask this particular question? Could it be because He had taught them to pray to our Father in Heaven, "Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven."? (Matthew 6:10).
Are we a people who are looking to help bring Yeshua's Kingdom here to this earth? Or have we lost sight of the vision that burned in the hearts of Yeshua's first disciples? As part of His "chosen people" (1 Peter 1:1; 2:9), have we lost sight of what should be our ultimate goal?
For that matter, have we lost sight of our heritage as part of the people of Israel? Could we be part of the Ephraimite people so long ago blinded to the truth of their Israelite roots? (Genesis 48:19; Hosea 1-2; 8:8; Amos 9:9).
Even as Judah is beginning to see the Messiah, is the veil likewise being lifted from our "partially blinded" Israelite eyes? Do we belong to Israel's "olive tree" in a greater way than previously imagined? (Isaiah 8:14; Romans 11:25; Jeremiah 31:18-19; 11:10,16; 2:18,21)? Is that why we are feeling a longing in our hearts for "something more"?
Do we now feel a hunger deep within because the "set time" to restore Israel's Kingdom is upon us?
If so, are we properly prepared to work toward that goal?

Table of Contents

Part One: In The Beginning God Created The World... Why?

1 Are You Prepared?
2 Can We Make A Difference
3 Learning the Lessons of History
4 A Brief History of Israel
5 Lessons Learned
6 The Voice Of The People
7 Who Told You?

Part Two: Building on A Sure Foundation

8 Who Is A Jew? A Look At Israel's Bloodline
9 Our Hope of Glory And The Mystery of The Gentiles
10 The Way Of The Gentiles
11 Ephraim, Once Again A Mighty Man
12 Ephraim Should Know More About Judah

Part Three: The Gathering of the Remnant

13 From Roman Roads To The World Wide Web
14 The Jubilee Generation!
15 A Mandate For Ephraim
16 Restoring The Kingdom To Israel
17 The Messianic Vision
18 When Will Yeshua Return?
19 Preparing For The Final Battle


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